Thursday, 15 October 2015

The problem with Elgato capture software "it's not the 80's"

Got myself a Elgato HD60 Pro the other day and for some reason Elgato are still in the 80's and think that everyone is still using Fat32 formatted hard drives as it splits the .ts capture into 4GB chucks "WTF it's 2015 people are using NTFS"

For me editing with a .ts file is so much easier as all the audio channels are separate channels within one file so you only have to work with the small file you want to use

If you use the option of converting with the Elgato software to MP4 it merges all the audio channels into one :/ so to make thing easy for myself i have to merge all the .ts files with TSSplitter

Please please please give just one .ts file to work with as it will make mine and others life so much easier

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