Friday, 16 January 2015

USB Microphone For PS4

If your after a cheap USB microphone to use with your PS4 a good alternative to the Snowball range of microphones which are great just a little bit expensive for me is the Kinobo Mini "AKIRO" which is only about £9 on Amazon Link To Buy

I've been using a AKIRO for a few weeks now and everyone i've spoken to has said i sound nice and clear so gets a thumbs up from me

Also if like me you do gaming videos for YouTube using a USB microphone plugged into your PS4 lets you record gamer chat in lobbies so if you have say a Hauppauge Rocket like i do all you have to do is plug the AKIRO into your PS4 and in the PS4 settings you send all audio to your TV and then just plug a set of headphones into your TV, you will still need an extra mic plugged into your Rocket to record your voice

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