Sunday, 4 May 2014

Space-Oasis by Keabsmad

Not sure how i came across Space-Oasis by Keabsmad but went looking and found it on Bandcamp so i could have a good listen

The album is 5 tracks which for me have a chilled laid back synth sound which on a late night will take you to a mellow place but have to say 4 of the tracks don't really do it for me (sorry) but others may like, there is a but a "Big But" as there's track 2 of Space-Oasis called Stars which is a absolute gem of a tune as somehow someone from Oshawa, Ontario has captured the music of the 90's and that Manchester Sound with the vocals and added a bit of a modern day twist which is sooooooooo good and was on repeat play most of last night as it's that good just wish the track was a bit longer 12" version please :)

1: Don't Stop Now
2: Stars
3: The Comfort Of Home
4:I Need You
5: Space-Oasis

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Keabsmad said...

Hey, thanks for the feedback!