Tuesday, 22 April 2014

My New Listening Pleasure "Let Em Riot"

Have to put my hands up and say until the other day i've never heard of Let Em Riot but saw one of there videos posted on a forum and thought may as well have a listen and mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i like :)

Not sure if you would call Let Em Riot music retro but it does have that 80's / 90's synthesizer sound and vocals which makes me want to go out and buy a skateboard and drink some Tab, it's like sitting back and listening to the sound track of every great 80's / 90's movie

Well after hearing a few tunes and buying The App EP (see link below) i had to buy the SlashWave EP plus the single releases Say What You Need To Say, I Know and All We Are as there such great tunes

Couple of my fav tunes Let Em Riot - Don't Stop Running and Let Em Riot - Say Whay You Need To Say

Would love to see there music available on Vinyl but don't think it would be something which will ever happen as it would make me and my Rega very happy so your have to be happy with Band Camp and iTunes downloads

BandCamp For Lossless versions of EP's and Singles

SlashWave EP use link below
iTunes Download Link

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