Monday, 28 April 2014

BLSHS Abstract Desires EP

Was just listening to some music on YouTube when a tune by BLSHS came up as a recommend next track, have to put my hands up and say i've never heard of BLSHS but after a few seconds i was hooked and after hearing a few other tracks i had to buy the album and as we say in South London "it's mint"

If you like synth music with a great beat and wonderful vocals buy as your ears will love you :)

Track Listing

1: Blushes
2: Chased By Memories
3: Another Tuesday
4: Gave It Away
5: If I Fall
6: Runaway

What's my fav track from above that's easy they all are as it's one of them albums you put on and you will never skip a track as there all great

Link to Download or buy Limited Edition Compact Disc

If you like BLSHS you may also enjoy Let Em Riot

Little update as had to buy the CD which turned up this morning which came with a few extra surprises :)

Abstract Desires Album

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