Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Crystal Acoustics BluDAC Bluetooth Receiver

Just got myself a Crystal Acoustics BluDAC Bluetooth Receiver after using a Belkin Bluetooth Receiver for the last few years which i liked but fancied a upgrade as the Belkin did sounded a little thin and the treble was a bit tinny but as i used it manly to play Podcasts from my iPod and iPad it was ok when connected to my HiFi

So the other day i was just taken a walk round the web just having a read seeing what new devices were about when the BluDAC caught my eye and as i just got myself a new amplifier ( Yamaha AS500 ) which paired with a set of JPW Sonatas did make me wish i could get better sound from Bluetooth so i decided to buy the BluDAC which on paper should be a lot better than the Belkin

Well with a ring of the door bell this morning i now have Crystal Acoustics BluDAC Bluetooth Receiver and after a few mins it was connected to my HiFi

Yamaha AS500
JPW Sonatas
Kimber Cable
PC Bluetooth Dongle

Now lets get onto the main stuff what does it sound like .......well from the first notes of Billy Griffin's Serious i was a little shocked how much better it sounded as no more tinny and compressed sound quality which is the blight of Bluetooth to a sound which is now open and still has the warmth as if it was playing from my CD player

Did try and catch the BlueDAC out by firing up some Evanescence but the little black box sat there and didn't break a sweat

So at long last it looks like Bluetooth is getting there and becoming a viable method of cutting the cable to move music round a room specially when you want to play music from your PC to your Amp and don't want to lift the floorboards and run a cable between the two

To end

The future looks bright for Bluetooth in the world of HiFi with products from Crystal Acoustics

Update 16/02/2015

It's 2015 and i got something new which blows everything out of the water and sadly it's by by to Bluetooth and hello to Rasberry Pi

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