Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Convert 30fps Video to 60fps Guide

Video showing how to convert 30fps video to 60fps which i now use to convert my gaming videos which are captured with my Hauppauge Rocket which can only capture at 30fps so you can have 60fps YouTube videos using Frame Interpolation

Saturday, 19 July 2014


Watch out there's a lobby of Liberators about as they take on BIGGEST RAMP around Sandy Shores Airport which can only mean one thing chaos

How to add race to your bookmarks

Join up to Rockstar Social Club Socialclub.rockstargames.com and then use this link http://tinyurl.com/o436htn to add BIGGEST RAMP - LIBERATOR to your game which will be added to your race Bookmarks

Captured using a Hauppauge Rocket

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Quick And Easy Way To Edit Your Gaming Captures / Videos

Video showing you a quick and easy way to edit your gaming captures using VideoRedo

Been using VideoReDo for years to edit my TV captures ie to edit out ad's which also works great for doing fast edits of your gaming captures so you can get them uploaded to YouTube

Software is so much better ie easier to use than what gets bundled with your capture device ie Hauppauge Rocket and Roxio HD Capture Pro plus others as it's so fast to do your edits and you can get then spot on with what frame you want to start and finish on

VideoReDo TVSuite

Desktop capture done using Open Broadcaster Software

Saturday, 28 June 2014

XBox 360 Sniper Elite 3 First Level / Mission

Just playing the first level of Sniper Elite III on the XBox 360

Enjoying so far as love a more slow paced shooter than something like COD which isn't my cup of tea so if you loved Sniper Elite II it more of the same but now set in Africa

Captured using a Hauppage Rocket edited with VideoReDo then re-encoded with VidCoder as the file was over 3GB so shrunk down to 1GB which is easier for me to upload

Monday, 23 June 2014

Hauppauge Rocket External Hard Drive / SSD

If you want to use a SSD within a caddy with the Hauppauge Rocket a OCZ Vertex won't work but a Intel 330 works like a charm :)

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Hauppauge HD PVR Rocket vs Roxio Game Capture HD Pro

Yes it's the fight of the century the Hauppauge HD PVR Rocket vs Roxio Game Capture HD Pro :)

Both capture devices were used with the same capture software GamerCap www.gamercap.com to make it a fair playing field as the Roxio software is crap

I choice forza 4 as it's one of the best looking games on the XBox 360 plus it was easer to capture an identical video and with the help of VideoReDo to edit i had two identical game captures which were then put together with Adobe Prem Pro

Well i've sat and watched the video a few times now and have to say it's an easy draw and the only difference i can see is the Roxio has a slightly richer colour balance where the Hauppauge is more natural

So what one would i buy ?

Well i have both, i first bought the Roxio and used for a few months but the included software will drive you potty "it's a dogs dinner" so gave up and got myself the Hauppauge Rocket which i've been using for the last few weeks which has the added benefits of capturing to a PC or as a standalone device to capture to a flash drive plus it has a mic input with is handy to add commentary to your gaming videos so in the end i would go for the Rocket but there is a "But" and that's where GamerCap Capture Software comes into the game as when used with the Roxio it brings the Roxio back into the game due to how easy it is to use plus it lets you record gamer commentary from a mic plugged into your PC which is then added to the video capture something the included Roxio doesn't do "shame on you Roxio"

So in the end i would buy the Hauppauge Rocket but if funds only allow for the Roxio just make sure you also buy GamerCap software to use with it and you will still be happy

PS I use GamerCap all the time now even with my Hauppauge Rocket as it's such a great bit of software

GamerCap http://www.gamercap.com/

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

GamerCap Alternative Console Capture Software

Just testing GamerCap software with my Roxio Game Capture HD Pro as the software which comes with the Roxio is terrible and will go down in history as one of the worst ever bit's of capture software ever written

So the other day i came across GamerCap which has to be the only alternative software which will work with the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro and after testing for the last few hours it's the first time i've ever had a smile on my face when using the Roxio as it the first time i've ever had captures without any video glitches and no dropped frames

It also makes adding your own voice to your game captures as easy as pie as it has the option of recording from your mic plugged into your PC

So if you own a Roxio Game Capture HD Pro or any other game capture device like the Hauppauge Rocket which i've also tested it's well worth the money at about £15 UK money

GamerCap Download

PS if like me you just want to install the driver for the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro so you don't have to install the crap software from Roxio use link below its the driver backup from my PC running Windows 8.1


Tested with XBox 360 and Forza 4

Test Video

Sunday, 1 June 2014

GTA 5 Online Race Loss Leader With GAPE (Goddamn Apes)

Watch as 3 members of GAPE (Goddamn Apes) daybu, Skynet505 and me Eyerex plus a couple of randoms take on Loss Leader which is my fav race at the moment

Captured using a Hauppauge HD PVR Rocket

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Synthetic Love LP by Trevor Something

Came across Synthetic Love LP by Trevor Something via NewRetroWave YouTube page which most days posts what's new in the world of synth tunes and yesterday a track by Trevor Something came up so it was ears at the ready and 5 mins mins later i was buying the LP off Bandcamp :)

LP has soooooooooooo many great tunes with a sometimes warm laid back synth sound to tracks with a more hard hitting beat

Track 4 Miami Nights has been on repeat play most of the night

Monday, 12 May 2014

Wishful Thinking From Boundaries And Limitations By MAMIL

Wishful Thinking By MAMIL

My fav track from Boundaries and Limitations such a lovely voice and great tune

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Windows 8 / 7 Easily Switch Between Audio Devices (Taskbar Shortcuts)

Windows 8 / 7 Easily Switch Between Audio Devices (Taskbar Shortcuts)

Quick video showing you an easy way to switch between audio devices when using ever Windows 8 or 7 via shortcuts on your Taskbar

Exe need SSD -- Set Sound Device v1.3

Music is trope306 by Electroram https://electroram.bandcamp.com/track/trope306
and re​-​acid​-​603 by Electroram https://electroram.bandcamp.com/track/re-acid-603

Audio and video recorded with iPad

Monday, 5 May 2014

Electroram (Acid House)

Was looking for some Old School Electro on Bandcamp (still looking) when i came across a couple of Acid House tracks by Electroram "little bit of a side step" but back in the 90's i didn't mind a bit of Acid House as have Mayday: Nude Photo and Model 500: The Chase on vinyl plus a few others so thought why not have a listen......................

Well after only a few seconds of re​-​acid​-​603 and trope306 i was making shapes as these two tracks are so good and take me back to the days of "Big Fish" "Little Fish" :)

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Let Em Riot: All We Are

If this tune doesn't take you back to the 80's nothing will

Let Em Riot: All We Are

Space-Oasis by Keabsmad

Not sure how i came across Space-Oasis by Keabsmad but went looking and found it on Bandcamp so i could have a good listen

The album is 5 tracks which for me have a chilled laid back synth sound which on a late night will take you to a mellow place but have to say 4 of the tracks don't really do it for me (sorry) but others may like, there is a but a "Big But" as there's track 2 of Space-Oasis called Stars which is a absolute gem of a tune as somehow someone from Oshawa, Ontario has captured the music of the 90's and that Manchester Sound with the vocals and added a bit of a modern day twist which is sooooooooo good and was on repeat play most of last night as it's that good just wish the track was a bit longer 12" version please :)

1: Don't Stop Now
2: Stars
3: The Comfort Of Home
4:I Need You
5: Space-Oasis

Friday, 2 May 2014

Droid Bishop - Galaxy: Unknown

One of the best synth instrumentals i've heard in a long time

Droid Bishop - Galaxy: Unknown

Use link below to find other instrumentals by Droid Bishop

Droid Bishop on Bandcamp

Thursday, 1 May 2014

I Won A Copy Of Linn 40th Anniversary Collection LP

I'm not normally the type of person who enters competitions as i never win "sad face" but the other day Linn held a competition to win a copy of there 40th Anniversary Collection LP "so in for a penny in for a pound" and guess what i was one of the entries that won "happy face"

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Soft Lighting How You Do It (synth tune)

Mellow synth at it's best Soft Lighting - How You Do It

Monday, 28 April 2014

BLSHS Abstract Desires EP

Was just listening to some music on YouTube when a tune by BLSHS came up as a recommend next track, have to put my hands up and say i've never heard of BLSHS but after a few seconds i was hooked and after hearing a few other tracks i had to buy the album and as we say in South London "it's mint"

If you like synth music with a great beat and wonderful vocals buy as your ears will love you :)

Track Listing

1: Blushes
2: Chased By Memories
3: Another Tuesday
4: Gave It Away
5: If I Fall
6: Runaway

What's my fav track from above that's easy they all are as it's one of them albums you put on and you will never skip a track as there all great

Link to Download or buy Limited Edition Compact Disc

If you like BLSHS you may also enjoy Let Em Riot

Little update as had to buy the CD which turned up this morning which came with a few extra surprises :)

Abstract Desires Album

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

My New Listening Pleasure "Let Em Riot"

Have to put my hands up and say until the other day i've never heard of Let Em Riot but saw one of there videos posted on a forum and thought may as well have a listen and mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i like :)

Not sure if you would call Let Em Riot music retro but it does have that 80's / 90's synthesizer sound and vocals which makes me want to go out and buy a skateboard and drink some Tab, it's like sitting back and listening to the sound track of every great 80's / 90's movie

Well after hearing a few tunes and buying The App EP (see link below) i had to buy the SlashWave EP plus the single releases Say What You Need To Say, I Know and All We Are as there such great tunes

Couple of my fav tunes Let Em Riot - Don't Stop Running and Let Em Riot - Say Whay You Need To Say

Would love to see there music available on Vinyl but don't think it would be something which will ever happen as it would make me and my Rega very happy so your have to be happy with Band Camp and iTunes downloads

BandCamp For Lossless versions of EP's and Singles

SlashWave EP use link below
iTunes Download Link

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Liberal Democrats Are Using One Of My Photos

Liberal Democrats are using one of my photos on there web site and they didn't even give me a back link "now that's being a bit to Liberal"

It's very rare but have been asked a few times if a photo could be used which i don't mind as my photos aren't the best just from a point and shoot and if it's for personal use or if it's used on a personal blog and they give me a link i'm ok with it

But today by luck was just doing an image search and saw one of my photos which was being hosted on a different site so went to look and its the local Liberal Democrats so i'm a bit peeeeeeed off as can't stand any of the UK political party's and then i find out they have used the photo for the last two years i'm not happy


Saturday, 12 April 2014

Desiree Heslop aka Princess The Album

Picked up Desiree Heslop aka Princess album off Discogs the other day after having most of her tunes on my YouTube playlist

I know it's a Stock Aitken Waterman production so it has that sound all of there records had in the day but Princess vocals take the songs to another level which most singers of then and even now will never match

Album is full of great tunes from the hits "Say I'm Your Number One" "After the Love Has Gone" "I'll Keep On Loving You" plus many more

Side One
In The Heat Of A Passionate Moment
I'll Keep On Loving You
After The Love Has Gone
Say I'm Your Number One

Side Two
If It Makes You Feel Good
Tell Me Tomorrow
Any Time's The Right Time
Just A Tease

Just a shame she didn't have more hit's but the ones she did will be forever spinning on my turntable

Ps one of my fav album covers as its a stunning photo

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Inside A Thorens TD-280 MKIV Turntable

Just wondered what was inside my old Thorens TD-280 MKIV Turntable which is off to the dump as upgraded to a Rega RP1

Friday, 4 April 2014

Smokin' Beats Compilation Album

Not played my Smokin' Beats vinyl album for years which i've had from new, not sure when this record was released as can't find info on cover or record but i picked up in the 80's sometime from Cloaks in Croydon

Worth picking up as it has may classic tracks from the likes of "Davy DMX"  "Master OC & Crazy Eddie" plus many more which are all great scratch mixes

Record Label: Tuff City Record Group

Smokin' Beats Compilation Album Front
Smokin' Beats Compilation Album

Smokin' Beats Compilation Album Rear
Smokin' Beats Compilation Album

Side A
Davy DMX "Davey's Midnight Ride"
Charley Chase "We're Gonna Need A Little Scratch"
A.J. Scratch "Get-Get-Get It Now"
Spoonie G "Streat Beats"

Side B
Master OC & Crazy Eddie "Masters Of The Scratch"
Marly Marl "The Man Marly Marl"
DJ Quick "Scratch Attack 2"
Phantom Rock "Be Bop Beats"

If you look at rear photo of album cover it looks like there a 5 tracks on side B which must be a print error due to it being in red for "Masters Of The Scratch" which should be Master OC & Crazy Eddie "Masters Of The Scratch"

PS Long Live Vinyl :)

Friday, 21 March 2014

UK Fresh 86 Programme

WTF just seen the UK Fresh 86 Programme go for £130 :/ i have programme and 12" in mint con "make me an offer"

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Rega RP1 With Performance Pack

F**k you digital it's all about the analogue just got myself a new turntable a Rega RP1 with Performance Pack and been playing some of my old electro 12" and doing the robot all afternoon

Rega RP1 With Performance Pack
Rega RP1 With Performance Pack

Using with a Yamaha a-s500 amp and an old set of JPW Sonata speakers

Thursday, 20 February 2014

My XBox Coinops 6 Setup A Mega Drive, SNES And N64 Homage :)

Just installed Coinops 6 on my XBox which i softmodded the other day so i could get back to playing some of my old fav games from the Mega Drive, SNES and N64 installed on a standard size hard drive

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

GTA 5 Online Land The Titan On Top Of The Maze Building

Seen a few people do this in YouTube videos so after landing on Mount Chiliad i had to take the challenge of landing on the Maze Building :)

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

GTA 5 Online Being A Dirtbag In A Jet

Being a dirtbag in a jet..........all from one session and then edited with VideoReDo and Adobe Premiere Pro plus a little bit of Photoshop :)

Captured with Roxio Game Capture HD Pro which i hate and wish i bought a Hauppauge HD PVR Rocket

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Panasonic TX-L32E6B LED TV Network Media Player App

Video showing the network media app on the Panasonic TX-L32E6B LED TV which is playing videos (MP4) from a WD My Book Live over WiFi

Monday, 20 January 2014

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Crystal Acoustics BluDAC Bluetooth Receiver

Just got myself a Crystal Acoustics BluDAC Bluetooth Receiver after using a Belkin Bluetooth Receiver for the last few years which i liked but fancied a upgrade as the Belkin did sounded a little thin and the treble was a bit tinny but as i used it manly to play Podcasts from my iPod and iPad it was ok when connected to my HiFi

So the other day i was just taken a walk round the web just having a read seeing what new devices were about when the BluDAC caught my eye and as i just got myself a new amplifier ( Yamaha AS500 ) which paired with a set of JPW Sonatas did make me wish i could get better sound from Bluetooth so i decided to buy the BluDAC which on paper should be a lot better than the Belkin

Well with a ring of the door bell this morning i now have Crystal Acoustics BluDAC Bluetooth Receiver and after a few mins it was connected to my HiFi

Yamaha AS500
JPW Sonatas
Kimber Cable
PC Bluetooth Dongle

Now lets get onto the main stuff what does it sound like .......well from the first notes of Billy Griffin's Serious i was a little shocked how much better it sounded as no more tinny and compressed sound quality which is the blight of Bluetooth to a sound which is now open and still has the warmth as if it was playing from my CD player

Did try and catch the BlueDAC out by firing up some Evanescence but the little black box sat there and didn't break a sweat

So at long last it looks like Bluetooth is getting there and becoming a viable method of cutting the cable to move music round a room specially when you want to play music from your PC to your Amp and don't want to lift the floorboards and run a cable between the two

To end

The future looks bright for Bluetooth in the world of HiFi with products from Crystal Acoustics

Update 16/02/2015

It's 2015 and i got something new which blows everything out of the water and sadly it's by by to Bluetooth and hello to Rasberry Pi