Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Banned from Richer Sounds

Think i may be banned from my local Richer Sounds, was in there the other day to swap over a TV which had a problem and was standing minding my own business waiting for the shop assistant to get my TV from the store room when i overheard another shop assistant trying to sell someone a £60 HDMI Lead saying it was the best thing since sliced bread, well me being me and not like seeing people being ripped off i couldn't help myself and had to tell the person "Don't do it" in front of the shop assistant and pointed out that a HDMI Lead costing less than a £10 would do the same job just as well

The women thanked me for the advice and told the assistant it was ok and she would buy else where, so my job was done and i walked out with a smile on my face as i had stopped someone being ripped off

Have to say the Richer Sounds shop assistant had a face like thunder :)

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