Monday, 22 October 2012

Forza Horizon Vs EA Need for Speed Most Wanted

That question is going to be asked as both games are coming out in the next few weeks

Both are open world racing with an arcade feel to the driving but for me there only one winner and that's going to be EA Need for Speed Most Wanted as after playing the demo of Forza Horizon it felt like i was playing a game from Codemasters from about 2005 with the open world of Test Drive from EA

Also i wouldn't trust Turn10 to get the online working without problems as going by the last few Forza games it will never get fixed so you will see a lot of crashing, not from the cars on screen but your XBox locking up

EA Need for Speed Most Wanted has been developed by Criterion and anyone who's played a driving game from Criterion will tell you it's fun fun fun all the way

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