Friday, 7 October 2011

"Bye Bye BT"

After reporting 3 faults on my line over a 3 week period via online and there twitter account which first started with a noisy phone line which made my phone unusable most of the time which then in turn effected my broadband and after being told the fault had been fixed a few days later my phone and broadband stopped working totally for a period of 3 days

feeling this was unacceptable I phone BT to ask for a discount on my line rental and was told all I would be entitled to was £5 off the next bill which after a chat I told them in plan English “are you taken the ….”, and was upped to £8

Well to be offered £8 off my line rental to me is still “taking the ….” as this doesn't even cover the cost of having to use my mobile over the period of time my phone line was ever playing up or totally down plus you made my broadband unusable with constant disconnects due to the noise on the line and then for that to go down as my phone line finally gave up the ghost

I was told over the phone could I send in my mobile phone bill but as i'm on pay as you go I can't as I don't get a bill each month plus something which made my blood boil was the person I spoke to tried to sell me broadband at the time so had to tell her in a few short words that i'm phoning you to complain not to buy anything which didn't help my language but sometimes it's the only way to put your point across when a person comes out with something so stupid and wants to up there commission for the week


Was about to write this message the other day but have got to update it due to my phone line going down again with noise on the line and after a openreach engineer turning up at my door I was told they would have to disconnect the line to try and find the fault so my phone line was down most of the day

I can only hope that after reporting a fault 4 times that they have finally fixed the problem this time but to offer me a discount of just £8 for the inconvenience it's somewhat taking the …..


After sending them this message they upped the offer to £10, i had to say do i sound like a mug and after all these years being with BT it's time to change to a different home phone provider

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Zenith Windows "What's The Crack"

Zenith Windows go crack just after the guarantee runs out :/

Just like to add that after phoning them you find out what a shit company they are