Thursday, 12 May 2011

The Best London Route Planning App iPod / iPhone

I've lived in London all my life but i still get lost finding my way around especially when i use the may different methods of transport which are at my disposal so i've been after a app for my iPod Touch for along while and after using a few which take you on some very odd routes to get you to your destination i came across London Transport By Jeevan Takhar on the Apple App Store for the price of 59p and have to say it's like having a little old lady in your pocket, you know the type of person who you stop by the side of the road when your lost and she knows the easiest route to where you want to go and you wish you could put her in your pocket well now you can and have her on your iPod or iPhone 24 hours a day

Great thing about this app is you can pick which methods of transport you want to use to get from A to Z from Tram, Tube, Train, Bus, Water Bus even Walk and pick them all or just the ones you want to use plus it come with a handy option where it will keep a record of how much money you have left on your Oyster Card so you will never get on a bus and have the bus driver give you a funny look when the Oyster Card Reader makes a funny noise

So for 59p it's a bargain


• London Tube Map with Fare Zones
• TfL Journey Planner
• Nearby stops and stations
• Live departure boards
• Bus and tram timetables
• Licensed taxi booking
• Real time Cycle Hire map
• Oyster card balance and top-up points
• Live traffic cameras

• Step by step walking directions
• Tube status “Now”, “Later” and “Weekend”
• One tap “Take Me Home” shortcut
• One tap “Book Nearby Minicab” shortcut
• Cycle Hire and Tube push notifications
• Details of roadworks and accidents
• Station facilities and step free access
• Address book integration
• Printable journey plans
• ...and much more!

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