Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Buying Trainers Online

After spending the day walking round Croydon trying to find some Trainers with no luck due to the 6 sports shops i went into having a terrible selection, no new ones or any classics "give me my Reebok Classics" i gave up and for the first time i decided to buy online

Well after looking at a few sites and not finding what i wanted i came across http://www.prodirectselect.com/ which had about the best selection i came across from old styles to new ones so after only ever wearing Reebok Classics i fancied a change and got myself a pair of New Balance 670 trainers and after putting in my order they turned up a couple of days later so was very happy with there service and then main thing the price

So if your after buying trainers online head over to Pro-Direct Select for good prices and fast delivery

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Unknown said...

Yo ! great post and i wanted to "follow" so to speak as a fellow blogger but you have no way to do that :(

Plus I am a fellow Croydonite - found blog by looking for croydon pics - you had some when it snowed ! Anyway keep up teh quality !