Sunday, 11 April 2010

Remove white border around image on Google Blogger post

If like me you hate the white border you get every time you post an image to your Google Blog / Blogger there's a easy way to remove just by changing the sites HTML code which will only take a few seconds to change

So you have below which looks in a word "crap"

Well go into your Site layout and then Edit Html and scroll down till you find the part shown in image below, border:5px solid #fff; and just change the 5px to 0px and your done so just save and it's bye bye white border

PS if you like the border you can just edit the size by changing the number or even change the colour by changing the colour code ie the fff part which is the code for white border:0px solid #fff;


gtrs said...

hello .i have a blog where i post when i put a swf file i have right and left white spaces can u tell me please if u know how to get rid of them?

Eyerex said...

Hello is like the bars you get when you say have a video which is 4:3 and you have the size set for 16:9

is it possible to get a screen grab

Ryan said...

Thanks for this post.

❀❁Amelia☼3☼8❁❀ said...