Saturday, 20 February 2010

Convert TS File To MP3

If like me you use your TV card to also record radio shows you will find most times there saved as a TS file the same as your video files which can be a problem if you want to place them on your MP3 player

well the other day i to had this problem as wanted to put a radio show i had record on to my MP3 player for a long journey so find a fix to this problem below

Software need which is free :)

TsRemux by dmz01


WavePad Sound Editor


First start TsRemux and browse to your TS file which will then open in windows shown below and them right click on file and choose Demux MPEG2 Audio Stream as shown in pic below (click to enlarge)

This should only take a few seconds to complete and you done using TsRemux

Now start WavePad Sound Editor and click open file at top and remember to change the file browser to "All Files" or file will not show up (see pic below)

File will take a while to open

Then using software you can edit file if needed or just click File then Save File As from drop down menu

And then a window will pop up with settings to change bitrate to what you want to use, i normally use 192 and your done :)

Hope this works for you

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