Saturday, 16 January 2010

Turn Ten Just Send Me 150,000 Gifted Credits

Just turned on my XBox 360 to play Forza 3 and found a message from Turn Ten to say i had been gifted 150,000 gifted credits

Not sure why they have sent then but thank you :)

Update just found out why i got the credits

From Forza 3 forum

Official Turn 10 Time Trial Challenge Rules

Starting next week a new Time Trial Challenge will be uploaded to the Time Trial section in Forza 3 every week.
These weekly time trial events will NOT count towards the overall Time Trial Leaderboard roll-up and will be used strictly for these challenges.
When the time trial ends we'll be rewarding the fastest drivers and a slew of random winners.

Official Turn 10 Time Trial Prizing Structure

Top 10: 500,000 CR

Top 100: 250,000 CR

Random 500: A random selection of 500 players from position 100 to 5000 will receive 150,000 CR!


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