Monday, 4 January 2010

Linksys by Cisco WAG320N-UK On It's Way

Just ordered a new router the Linksys by Cisco WAG320N-UK so hope to have some pic's and a review in a day or two

Got the router today so will have a play for a day or two

Little review as i'm a man of a few words "well the ones i can spell"

I got my Linksys by Cisco WAG320N-UK the other day after finding that my old Netgear 834g V3 wasn't cutting the mustard so as i had a little xmas money plus going to sell the Netgear it was time for a new one

In the box: A router plus the normal bit's ie filter, network cable and power supply

Have to say the power supply lead is a little bit on the short side as it's about half the length of the lead on my netgear which is a pain when you want to sort out placement

Design: Not sure if i like the look of the router as always liked the sq box type routers plus it looks like one of them posh multi media remotes rich people have on there coffee tables

But other than that it looks and feels like a well made bit of kit

Setup: Didn't have any problems setting up the router other than i couldn't remember my login name and password for my isp as it's been about 2 or 3 years since i've ever had to enter it on anything

Also just changed the wifi name and password over to my old settings so didn't have to change anything on PC, laptop xbox or wii and as soon as the router connected they all fired up and worked as they should

Only problem is the Linksys comes with a huge amonut of settings to play with under the bonnet which for normal use you don't have to touch but i'm one of the people who likes to have a play and the manual doesn't give you any explanation of how to use them with is a pain so thats a thumbs down

Extra Stuff: Love the USB connection at the back of router for a flash drive as now i can just send files to the router for every pc to access which so handy

also i was wondering if it could be setup so i could have access to files on the flash drive from wherever i am in the world (normally south london) which could come in handy but after reading the manual which doesn't help i don't have a clue but will find out

Info below if you want to do a manual setup of your Linksys by Cisco WAG320N-UK Router if like me your with Tiscali / Talk Talk

Just use settings in the pic below with your user name and password (click image to enlarge)

Ps under Network Address you will see from image i have changed the Static DNS 1 and 2 so i'm using OpenDNS you can just live blank if you want to just use your isp DNS

OpenDNS Link For Info

Linksys by Cisco WAG320N-UK Tiscali Talk Talk

Single Port Forwarding Screen


Tim said...

I'm looking to buy one of these, but first I need to know whether it does port forwarding from an external port, say [prt 25, or an internal network port, say 50025. Are you able to post screen images of the port forwarding section?



Eyerex said...

Give me a min will get pic's

Eyerex said...

Single Port Forwarding Screen

Tim said...

Perfect! This is just what I needed to confirm - there is genuine port forwarding. My order is in.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a device to replace my aging WAG54GS with.

Do you know if it features a local DNS server that it syncs with its DHCP records? I'd love to finally be able to push this functionality off of my desktop and onto my router.

Many thanks.

Eyerex said...

Not sure about that but with in the settings you have the option for DHCP Server