Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Forza 3 Oval Tuning

Anyone got some tips on tuning cars for Oval Racing ie the Ford Fusion Stock Car as tuning a gear box is new to me

have a good tune for Sunset Speed Way which i did yesterday and gets me round in 41.883 seconds on a good day but having problems with the small ovals

just wondered the small ovals your car never get's near it's top speed so is it best to try and tune the gearbox to run at the lower speed ie tune it to max out at say 200mph not the 215 which it can do

Update after spending a few days tuning i now have my time down to 00:41,586 round sunset raceway

Update just got my speed down to 00:41,560 just want to get it down to 00:41,500 or below but not sure if it's possible

was talking to a few americans last night about tuning oval cars and they said once you get a good tune guard it with your life and don't even share it with your family lol

The mother of all updates lol as now have a Ford Fusion which can race round Sunset Raceway in 00:41,457 which is down to a great tune by "HDR andy pull 0" he say that the car can go a lot faster so if you after a great oval tune plus many others check his Forza 3 Storefront by searching for HDR

Link To My Forza 3 Best Oval Tunes

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