Saturday, 21 November 2009

Forza 3 Tuning Calculator

If like me your a noob when it comes to tuning cars in Forza 3 i found a flash based tuning calculator which i find easier to use than the Excel or Google Doc versions which are out now for Forza 3 so use link below to make setting up your car as easy as ABC :)

Link to Flash based Forza 3 Tuning Calculator

Forza 3 Tuning

Update just found a new tuning calculator which can be used with ever Microsoft Office or Open Office by BigBrooKerT

Download Link


Fly GTI 37 said...

It's a ery good tuner to get your car's base setup. I find that the tunes give your car/truck a understeer condition that can be easily tweaked to suit your driving style.

Anonymous said...

i am using this tool too, but i don't understand what i have to put as front and read downforce, because there is kg on the tool but in forza 3 i find something like N can u help me?


ps i also love to turn left!!

Eyerex said...

Hello didn't notice that the site has settings in kg as thing i always do is set to about the middle and work from there and add or take aero off and re-do the settings

thing you could also do is use the link at bottom of post which is a link to a excel doc which has the settings in lb, if you don't own microsoft office just download openoffice which is free and works ok plus it gives you other setting like gear ratios plus other settings to play with

Anonymous said...

may i ask how i use this thing lol im kinda new to all this sort of stuff hope u can help me messge me on my xbox plz as i cant come on my pc that much gt is viper boiiz