Wednesday, 14 October 2009

T-Mobile Outsourced Collection Department

Just had a phone call from T-Mobile

T-Mobile: Hello i'm from T-Mobile can i have your date of birth

Me: Hello if theres a problem with my account or something i will phone them myself right now

T-Mobile: All i want is your birth date do you have a problem with that :/

Me: Yes as i don't know who you are i will phone them myself right now

T-Mobile: Why do you have a problem with giving me your birth date i was born in june

Me: Good for you i will send you a card

T-Mobile: If you don't give me your date of birth i'm going to cut you off

Me: Thats ok as it will make my bills a lot cheaper

T-Mobile: %^&&$ &&^%$ **&^^ %£%^

At this point i had to hang up as she went into one lol

Well after i phoned T-mobile i spoke to a very helpful women who apologised about the phone call i had received which was from there outsourced collection department due to a late payment of £14 i paid my bill without problem

She couldn't believe the way the person had spoke to me in the first place and was very sorry about it in which i said no problem and wished her a good day

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