Monday, 26 October 2009

Forza 3 Custom Number Plates

Just started doing custom number plates to use on your car in Forza 3 so if your after something and i have a few spare mins i can make a few up

So if your after something come to my shop on Forza 3 under the name Eyerex to find my custom number plates

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

T-Mobile Outsourced Collection Department

Just had a phone call from T-Mobile

T-Mobile: Hello i'm from T-Mobile can i have your date of birth

Me: Hello if theres a problem with my account or something i will phone them myself right now

T-Mobile: All i want is your birth date do you have a problem with that :/

Me: Yes as i don't know who you are i will phone them myself right now

T-Mobile: Why do you have a problem with giving me your birth date i was born in june

Me: Good for you i will send you a card

T-Mobile: If you don't give me your date of birth i'm going to cut you off

Me: Thats ok as it will make my bills a lot cheaper

T-Mobile: %^&&$ &&^%$ **&^^ %£%^

At this point i had to hang up as she went into one lol

Well after i phoned T-mobile i spoke to a very helpful women who apologised about the phone call i had received which was from there outsourced collection department due to a late payment of £14 i paid my bill without problem

She couldn't believe the way the person had spoke to me in the first place and was very sorry about it in which i said no problem and wished her a good day

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Croydon Win In Bloom 2009 Shock :/

With great honor Croydon won this years In Bloom Competition which is held each year for all the towns and cites around England, Sorry Sorry that last sentence should read with great shock Croydon won the In Bloom Competition as i'm not sure if they visited every park and open space in the Borough of Croydon or just looked at the odd window box on the railings around the roundabout under the Croydon Flyover

Will as you can see from the picture below which is at the entrance to Canterbury Road Park it's says Welcome to a Greener Borough so you think your going to walk into an area of pure joy to your eyes and nose with the sights and smells of flowers in bloom

Croydon Win In Bloom 2009 Shock

Well the truth is a little bit more of an eyesore and you won't be smelling any flowers

Not sure if the other entrance to the park is meet to look like this maybe it's some sort of Urban Artwork showing how Croydon is these days

Croydon Win In Bloom 2009 Shock

Croydon Win In Bloom 2009 Shock

Sorry i should get on to posting pictures of flowers in bloom around one of the many parks in Croydon but i couldn't find any unless you take the empty bottles and cans plus the takeaway boxes which litter the area and close your eyes you can image them as flowers just don't go sniffing them

Croydon Win In Bloom 2009 Shock

Croydon Win In Bloom 2009 Shock

PS how bad did Edinburgh look if Croydon won :/