Tuesday, 29 September 2009

24dash.com Use Image lol

Was just on one of my Twitters when someone posted a story about Croydon in bloom which as i live in Croydon and posted a story on my blog a while ago about how funny it was i went to have a look.........

Well when the page opened there at the top was a photo of a banner which looked familiar as it's not an everyday photo someone would take but i sat there thinking maybe it was just a coincidence, well after a closer look yes it was the photo i took as if you look at the photo you can see what i changed before i posted it lol

original image which i posted on this blog which i added some extra text

Croydon In Bloom 2009 Beat Edinburgh to title of UK’s greenest city

Use link below to see same image on there site :)

24dash.com Steal Image lol Link

Update they have removed image but i have a screen grab plus i found out it was sent to them via a press release sent to them from Croydon Enterprise

Croydon Enterprise and 24Dash Copyright Theft

Croydon Enterprise just phoned me back and said there very sorry for using the photo without my permission and they have removed it from there site

I said i'm still not happy as under copyright laws it's classed a theft and under the terms of there site it says they own all images and there copyrighted so i want to take this farther so someone from there press office is going to phone me tomorrow

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