Thursday, 20 August 2009

Trip To Wonersh

Just spent the day in Wonersh which is just outside of Guildford and the place where my mother was evacuation during the second world war.

It’s been a few years since i’ve been to Wonersh as always went down there most summers as a kid to visit the family my mother stayed with during the war

I’m not the biggest cricket fan in the world but just my luck no one was out playing on the local Wonersh cricket green

One of the many Church’s which can be found in the area

Every cricket green must have it’s Pavillion for a few beers after the game

The main road from Guildford which takes you into Wonersh

As village town squares go this has to be one of the smallest as you just have the local pub and a food shop

View of the local pub Grantley Arms (far left) and the road which takes you up to St Johns Church

ps had a pint in the pub which had a friendly atmosphere but the price of food was a bit over the top

St John’s Church

Dower House Wonersh

And a house i would love to live in

Panorama of Wonersh showing the cricket green and the surrounding area

Main village square

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Imogen Heap New Album Ellipse

Just found out one of my fav female vocalists Imogen Heap has a new album out on the 24 Aug called Ellipse so if you want a preview before it hit the shops use link below

Imogen Heap Album Ellipse

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Trials HD XBox 360

Well after playing the demo of Trials HD i had to splash the cash and grab the full version of this mad motocross type game on XBox Live

Well it starts easy but it ramps up the difficulty after the first two levels which are a case of full throttle and fly over the jumps and land on your wheels but after this you have to start thinking of what your doing to get along the course which are a bit of a nightmare but fun in a starnge way

Video of me playing one of the levels below