Tuesday, 7 July 2009

T-Mobile Loyalty Discount Sucks a Little

Well this week it's time to renew my T-Mobile contract so went looking to see what new tariffs they have to offer and saw a good deal on the new Solo 15 12 month contract which looks a lot better than the U-Fix 15 i'm on

So with mobile in hand i made my call to T-Mobile to make the change to a new price plan only to be told i can't take my Loyalty Discount to the new price plan which sucks!!!

I've been with T-Mobile all my mobile life and it's never even crossed my mind to change over to a different network and when they give you a Loyalty Discount you think thats for using there network not the plan which if i was to change over to Solo 15 i would lose which is a discount of £7.50 each month so is something i don't want to give up

I find strange that last year when renewing my contract they said my discount stays with me what ever tariff / plan i change too but now after a year they have changed the rules so whats the point of being loyal anymore T-Mobile please give me an answer or like most people i will start swapping networks each year


Anonymous said...

same shit here. they lied to me too

Eyerex said...

You think thats bad i just had a phone call from T-Mobile

T-Mobile: hello i'm from T-Mobile can i have your date of birth

Me: hello if theres a problem with my account or something i will phone them myself right now

T-Mobile: all i want is your birth date do you have a problem with that :/

Me: yes as i don't know who you are i will phone them myself right now

T-Mobile: Why do you have a problem with giving me your birth date i was born in june

Me: Good for you i will send you a card

T-Mobile: If you don't give me your date of birth i'm going to cut you off

Me: Thats ok as it will make my bills a lot cheaper

T-Mobile: %^&&$ &&^%$ ((**&^^ %565

At this point i had to hang up as she went into one lol