Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Jesus Loves My Netgear Router

As i was thinking of getting a new one i thought i may has well try a few things so now have Jesus on my Netgear Router DG834G V2 so feel blessed

If anyone wants to try a little bit of Jesus on there netgear find him here which will give you a twecked firmware with a few bug fix's plus a whole load of extra settings which you don't get with the official firmware


This project was born with the purpose of making experiments on Netgear DG834XX Adsl Router Series, first of all fixing many little issues we found out on official releases and after this, trying to improve its performances adding new features.

From a technical point of view, DGTeam consists in a monolithic patched target file-system, applied over original one, making some modifications on configuration text files and binaries. It has a core-root involving all DG834XX Series models with some little differences between them: in this way, it has been possible to create custom firmwares for all this models and hardware revisions.

Link to DGTEAM Firmware Site

Anyway why are the reviews so mixed for routers unlike other pc hardware theres never one that stands out

Bit of an update as after using DGTEAM Firmware on my Netgear router it made using XBox 360 a right pain as became Mr Glitch online when playing Grid so if you have a games console i wouldn't use and just stick with The firmware from Netgear

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