Friday, 17 July 2009

Croydon In Bloom 2009 "What A Joke"

I had to laugh the other day when i saw banners go up around the borough of Croydon which say Croydon In Bloom RHS Britain In Bloom Finalist 2009 as being someones who's lived in Croyodn all there life it's a very gray place with the only colour being added by the poeple who take there time growing flowers in there front and back gardens not anything i've ever seen done by the council could make me think they could be up for an award

And i don't think the people at the RHS know much about Canterbury Road Recreation Ground aka Canterbury Park where this photo of one of the banners is located as only a few years ago Croydon Council cut down 6 sycamore trees without any warning which had stood there from when the area was farm land so over 100 years only to be replaced with gravel, so now we have a park which is just dog *@#% covered in grass "yes that last bit is the right way round"

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