Monday, 20 July 2009

XBox 360 PGR4 Bulldog Score

XBox 360 PGR4 Bulldog Score

Was playing Bulldog on PGR4 the other night in Macau and was driving around in my Maserati MC12 and i manged to get a score of 121925 :-)

XBox 360 PGR4 Bulldog Score

Growing Pumpkins In South London

From 3 seeds i planted i got below

Growing Pumpkins In South London

And after only a few weeks they turned into

Growing Pumpkins In South London

But i'm just wondering when the fruit will turn up as fancy some Pumpkin soup

Growing Pumpkins In South London

Friday, 17 July 2009

Croydon In Bloom 2009 "What A Joke"

I had to laugh the other day when i saw banners go up around the borough of Croydon which say Croydon In Bloom RHS Britain In Bloom Finalist 2009 as being someones who's lived in Croyodn all there life it's a very gray place with the only colour being added by the poeple who take there time growing flowers in there front and back gardens not anything i've ever seen done by the council could make me think they could be up for an award

And i don't think the people at the RHS know much about Canterbury Road Recreation Ground aka Canterbury Park where this photo of one of the banners is located as only a few years ago Croydon Council cut down 6 sycamore trees without any warning which had stood there from when the area was farm land so over 100 years only to be replaced with gravel, so now we have a park which is just dog *@#% covered in grass "yes that last bit is the right way round"

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Antec NSK 2480 With Scythe Kama Bay Speakers

Was thinking of adding a internal speaker to my pc case Antec NSK 2480 as i always have internet radio playing but have to have the tv on to hear anything so fancy adding a speaker

as you can see from pic below i have space which is normally used for cd/dvd drive so should be able to fit something in there plus cutout panel to try and make it nice and neat "fingers crossed"

Antec NSK 2480 With Scythe Kama Bay Speakers

The way i was think of going is buy some usb speakers and just run the cable out the back as the motherboard doesn't have a audio header anywhere plus using usb would make things a lot easier

Well before i got the pllers out and did any work freonchill over at told me about Scythe Kama Bay Speakers SCBS-1000 which fit into a spare 5.25" bay

Thumbs up to SpecialTech a company i've never used before but they were the only ones who had them in sliver so placed my order at about 11 am yesterday and they turned up today at about noon so great service :-)

Anyway just fitted and the sound quality is not to bad just don't expert any bass as you won't find any but for normal pc use and talk radio there great and fill the room ok with sound like having a small radio in the room

Antec NSK 2480 With Scythe Kama Bay Speakers

Link to Scythe Kama Bay Speakers in sliver

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Jesus Loves My Netgear Router

As i was thinking of getting a new one i thought i may has well try a few things so now have Jesus on my Netgear Router DG834G V2 so feel blessed

If anyone wants to try a little bit of Jesus on there netgear find him here which will give you a twecked firmware with a few bug fix's plus a whole load of extra settings which you don't get with the official firmware


This project was born with the purpose of making experiments on Netgear DG834XX Adsl Router Series, first of all fixing many little issues we found out on official releases and after this, trying to improve its performances adding new features.

From a technical point of view, DGTeam consists in a monolithic patched target file-system, applied over original one, making some modifications on configuration text files and binaries. It has a core-root involving all DG834XX Series models with some little differences between them: in this way, it has been possible to create custom firmwares for all this models and hardware revisions.

Link to DGTEAM Firmware Site

Anyway why are the reviews so mixed for routers unlike other pc hardware theres never one that stands out

Bit of an update as after using DGTEAM Firmware on my Netgear router it made using XBox 360 a right pain as became Mr Glitch online when playing Grid so if you have a games console i wouldn't use and just stick with The firmware from Netgear

T-Mobile Loyalty Discount Sucks a Little

Well this week it's time to renew my T-Mobile contract so went looking to see what new tariffs they have to offer and saw a good deal on the new Solo 15 12 month contract which looks a lot better than the U-Fix 15 i'm on

So with mobile in hand i made my call to T-Mobile to make the change to a new price plan only to be told i can't take my Loyalty Discount to the new price plan which sucks!!!

I've been with T-Mobile all my mobile life and it's never even crossed my mind to change over to a different network and when they give you a Loyalty Discount you think thats for using there network not the plan which if i was to change over to Solo 15 i would lose which is a discount of £7.50 each month so is something i don't want to give up

I find strange that last year when renewing my contract they said my discount stays with me what ever tariff / plan i change too but now after a year they have changed the rules so whats the point of being loyal anymore T-Mobile please give me an answer or like most people i will start swapping networks each year