Friday, 12 June 2009

OpenSuse On Asus A4 Series Laptop

Well after only using Linux Mint for a few days i was having a few problems which i think were down to my Asus A4K uses of a ATI Mobility Radeon 9700 and as a noob i could never fix and my laptop was becoming crash city with startup problems which is a shame as Mint is a great OS and i hope one day to try again due to it's ease of use

So after sitting there thinking my trip to the world of Linux was over after only a few days i felt like someone off Coach Trip on C4 lol "you have two yellow cards and i'm sorry to say i have to give you a red, so bye bye"

OpenSuse On Asus A4 Series Laptop

Luck for me a friend over at OE had said about trying OpenSuse which is one of the distros i didn't really know anything about, so off i went looking but was in for a shock as the download the size was over 4GB :-( where others are about 700MB

Anyway i grabbed the 11.1 64x version which is just out and with my fingers crossed i installed which is just as easy as Mint asking the same questions along the way and only taking a little longer to install and after only about 2 days of use i'm sold on OpenSuse as i've installed all manor of software and spent a few hours trying to crash the thing only for the little green Geeko to smile back at me say is that all you can throw at me :-)

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