Sunday, 7 June 2009

Linux Mint 7 Gloria On Asus A4 Series Laptop

Just installed Linux Mint 7 Gloria on my laptop which is a Asus A4 series AMD Athlon 64 with an ATI 9700 and 1GB of memory

And have to say i love it as it was the easiest OS install i've ever done "and i've done a few over the years"

What's so great about using most of the latest Linux distros is you never have to go looking for drivers for your hardware as 99% of the time there installed when you install the OS making the whole install quick and easy as when PC or laptop first boots your ready to go unlike windows where you spend a few hours hunting down drivers

Also you will be using some of the best free software going which in most cases beats paid for software hands down with the likes of Firefox, Brasero Disc Burner and Open Office all ready to go

Linux Mint 7 Gloria On Asus A4 Series Laptop

Only software i've installed using the Software manager is

Banshee Media Player which i use for playback and ripping audio to MP3 plus you can use to stream internet radio which is handy

Google Picasa which is a great free photo category software plus you can use to edit photos

VLC media player which will play every video type going without problem

aMSN which takes the place of Live which come with windows so you can chat to your buddys

Anyway i'm a happy Linux Mint user and my laptop isn't going back to windows :-)


cars said...

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Eyerex said...

Cheers for the comment :-)

Sam said...

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