Saturday, 27 June 2009

Croydon Council Health and Safety

It's a shame that my mother felt safer in her back garden when the Germans were bombing London than she does now

As each and every day she like her neighbours has to put up with footballs flying over from canterbury road football pitch which if they were to hit her they would knock her over as she is in her 70's and in a worse case scenario she would end up in hospital due to the fall

Well after emailing health and safety at croydon council all you get back from Colin Davison Safety & Licensing Officer Croydon Council is to phone the Mobile Enforcement Team if a ball comes over

I think i'm more likely to phone 999 for a ambulance then find a good lawyer if one did and hit my mother

It's funny even sad when you have health and safety laws for everything these days but when it's down to the council and it's there doing things don't get done!!

I feel sorry the way this blog is going but when the council back you into a corner you have to come out fighting just like my mother did in the war its just a shame that now the enemy is our local council who are meant to be on are side

So if the council don't get this matter rectified it looks like i may have to take them to court over the fence they erected which is not "Fit for Propose" and is a Health and Safety liability to those it's meet to protect

Heres a quiz for Croydon Planners and Health and Safety so from the first pic below why is the fencing higher behind the main goals at the length end of the football pitch is it

Croydon Council Health and Safety

A: We had some spare fencing over and it was a shame to waste it

B: It looks pretty like that

C: The fencing needed to be higher at the ends because we don't want to see footballs flying over and hitting the general public as they go about there day as this would be a Health and Safety liability

Now part two of the quiz from the second pic below which is the fence which runs down the side of the football pitch why is it a lot lower

Croydon Council Health and Safety

A: Someone in the planning office nicked my tape measure that day and i only had a tiny ruler to work with

B: It was a miracle at work today as someone brought in something they call a compass and we spent all day drawing circles

C: We don't care about the safety of the people who live in the houses which run along the side of the park even if there OAP's children or anyone else

Also after taken a walk over there it's also shocking that the fencing which is on the side of the park where the toddler day care center is only has a low fence protecting it so what does it take for the powers that be to get off there arse a toddle to get a smack in the face from a ball

Update 30 May 2008

Well i just tried phoning the planning department at Taberner House and i'm being bounced around like a rubber ball right now with each department saying problems like this are dealt with a different department so will try again later

One funny thing someone said on the phone "does croydon council own canterbury park", well i said i hope so i replied

Well sent emails to all the local MP’s for the croydon area and only one got back to me which was Stuart Collins Labour Member for Broad Green Ward who said he would pass on the matter to the Cheif Officer in charge of that service

Well guess what we got ? No not a higher fence which is needed but signs saying not to climb into the gardens :/ and guess what happened today ? you guessed it a twat in my mothers garden getting there ball back

So it looks like if you need to get things done you have to take the matter into your own hands ……………………….

Update from 22 Aug 2009

Well guess what happened yesterday the 22 Aug 2009 my shed roof has been wrecked plus my neighbours garage roof has been damaged by someone climbing over for there ball plus on the same evening we had a ball come over and hit our back windows right where my 80 year mother was sitting eating her dinner and where my 2 year nephew sits when he comes round and has something to eat

So what does it take for you to fix the problem my 80 year old mother or my little nephew getting glass in the face as if this was to happen i will end up going to prison with what i will do to the person in change at the council

I like anyone else in the world would take it personally what you have or haven’t done and to put the life of my family in danger isn’t on so if you want a war you can have one

Thanks Croydon Council for the stress your putting my 80 year old mother through

So thanks Croydon Council your just as much to blame for the damage as the person who climbed over and just like them you are pure “SCUM”

Taberner House
Park Lane
Telephone 020 8726 6000

Croydon Council you are the “SCUM OF THE EARTH”

Update 27 August 2009

Just been on the phone to the Croydon Advertiser and a photographer has been round so fingers crossed they run with the story and the problem is fixed by Croydon Council as they said on the phone today it hasn’t got anything to do with them so had to call a Mr Patel from the Parks Department at Croydon Council a few F and C words as if he thinks i’m going to let them get away with this they can think again

Update 2 September 2009

Well the other day i got hold of Mr Jon M Rouse email address who is the chief Executive of Croydon Council so sent him a link to this post so he could have a read so may as well post reply and any follow up emails

From Jon M Rouse

Dear Sir/Madam

I acknowledge receipt of your e-mail and have read your blog. Putting aside the unnecessary threats of violence aimed at me I have asked the Parks and Sports team to see if there is anything we can do to improve the situation. In the meantime can you tell me, honestly, how often the balls are coming over.


Well i’m not sure where he gets that the threats of violence are aimed at him as there aimed at the Parks Department and at least there only threats as put yourself in my shoes i could now be visiting members of my family in Mayday Hospital

My reply via email

Hello thanks for your reply but when my family’s life is put in danger and could have been killed the other week it made my blood boil as the parks department won’t take any responsibility

How would you feel right now if you were going to visit your 80 year old mother or your 2 year old nephews at Mayday Hospital due to the incompetence of your local council and when you write letters and speak to people at the parks department your only told it’s not are responsibility, well who’s is it then as you own the park and run it !

If i was to setup a football pitch in my back garden and balls started flying over into neighbours gardens and causing damage or harm i know it is down to me to fix the problem or do you as a Council feel you can just walk over people when the cause of the problem is down to YOU, so i can only put this down to one thing which is you as a Council being Dishonest in this matter and don’t care about people in the borough

As for the amount of times balls come over some days we have had up to 3 or 4 in a short space of time which cause damage to my mothers garden which when someones on a pension she finds it hard to find the money to replace plants or fix the damage, if only she earned £195,300 a year like you, anyway one ball is too many as if one was to hit my mother who now is in her old age it could kill her and after what happened only last week i have come to the end of my tether due to the stress of dealing with your council which has also made my mother ill

PS as to the threats of violence there not aimed at you but at your parks department as if you were to deal with them you would feel the same way when your family’s life was put in danger so i’m not sorry for what i have wrote or said

If you want to report me to the police your more than welcome as it looks like you can get away with nearly killing people and i end up in jail trying to protect them !

My Name
Phone Number

PPS The Croydon Advertiser have taken up the story which you can read this friday

From Jon M Rouse

No reply

Update 4 September 2009

I’m in shock as went up the road this morning to get my paper and had my fingers crossed the Croydon Advertiser had run with the story so as i stood in the shop i turned the pages and there on page 6 was the article in full which you can find below

I would like to thank Aline Nassif for running the story and the photographer which came round and everyone one at the Croydon Advertiser “Thank You”

PS i hope it’s ok to scan the paper and use the article image on my site if not just let me know and i well remove straight away

Update 11 September

Still no reply from Jon M Rouse

Update 14 September

Email sent today

Yes thanks for the no reply as it just go’s to show the type of people i’m dealing with

Update 22 September 2009

Sent emails to Mr Nathan Elvery Deputy Chief Executive and Executive Director of Resources & Customer Services and Mr Tom Jeffrey Executive Director of Community Services and guess what no reply :/

Update 02 October 2009

After sending a few emails to Croydon Council about the problem i was shocked to find someone had emailed me back today from the Council as sent them a few weeks ago and didn’t get a reply until today

Email reply below from Mike Kiely Director of Planning and Building Control

Emma Peters has asked me to respond to your email.

The services within the Council that she is responsible for will only become involved in this matter when proposals are put forward for planning permission. As the planning authority we have no power to instigate changes to fences or other structures in these circumstances, even where the Council is one of the parties involved. This matter is being dealt with by George Sarkodie, the Head of Sport & Green Spaces. I have copied him into this reply.

Best wishes

Mike Kiely
Director of Planning and Building Control

Update 02 October 2009

Christ!! Like a bus your waiting for one and two turn up as just got a email from George Sarkodie Head of Sport & Green Spaces Community Services Department

Email below

I have been asked by Jon Rouse to contact you about concerns you have raised regarding the height of the fencing around Canterbury Road astro turf facility and the danger of footballs being kicked over the fence and into your garden. Having looked into this matter, I can confirm that the fencing around the astro turf facility complies with the standard height of fencing recommended. I do however note that like any standard astro turf facility, it is possible to kick a ball over the surrounding fence. I am therefore looking at practical measures that would prevent or reduce the probability of footballs flying over the astro turf fence. Some of the options being looked at involve increasing the height of the fence but I understand this will require planning permission and therefore may not be straight forward.

I will come back to you within the next 2 weeks to update you on progress of finding a possible solution.

George Sarkodie
Head of Sport & Green Spaces
Community Services Department
London Borough of Croydon
Taberner House (10th floor)
Park Lane, Croydon CR9 3JS
tel: 020 8726 6000 (ext. 61316)

My Reply

Thank you for your reply but sometimes the standards for a fence can be wrong when they don’t do the job there intended for.

Anyway thanks for the reply and i hope the problem can be fixed so me and my neighbours can get on with are lives and have something good to say about Croydon Council for a change

Update 13 November 2009

Just this min we have had a ball fly over just missing are back windows

“Oh well see you soon”

Update 22 August 2010

Well they put up a new fence a while ago but being the council they are it’s only about 2″ higher that the old one so still the balls come flying over as the stupid fence they put up is a big pile of s*** so after been told someone was in my garden today getting a ball i did a little something as i’m getting so pissed off

If you want the key it’s somewhere over the park

PS do something about the fence or i get the welder out and make some artwork with the goal posts “you have been warned”

List of Croydon Council Email Address and Phone Numbers which i hope can help anyone if there having a problem with Croydon Council

Chief Executive

Mr Jon Rouse


Tel: 020 8760 5757

Council Solicitor & Director of Democractic & Legal Services

Ms Julie Belvir


Tel: 020 8726 6000

Deputy Chief Executive and Executive Director of Resources & Customer Services

Mr Nathan Elvery


Tel: 020 8686 2822

Executive Director of Children, Young People & Learners

Mr Dave Hill


Tel: 020 8760 5787

Executive Director of Community Services

Mr Tom Jeffrey


Tel: 020 8726 6000

Deputy Chief Executive and Executive Director of Adult Services & Housing

Ms Hannah Miller


Tel: 020 8760 5490

Executive Director of Planning, Regeneration and Conservation

Ms Emma Peters


Tel: 020 8726 6000

Head of Sport & Green Spaces Community Services Department

Mr George Sarkodie


Tel: 020 8726 6000 (ext. 61316)

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Your Library

Anyone using well if you are i wondered whats in your library

My top 18 below / Link to my library

To keep my library updated i use Banshee which sends the info to of what i'm playing on my PC so if your using post a link in comments and i will grab a image if you don't post one and i will add to post

Link to Banshee

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Linux Distro Chamois

Someone please name a Linux Distro "Chamois" as it would be a good windows cleaner lol

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Mandriva On Asus A4 Series Laptop

I'm changing distros more than i change my underware lol

Coming soon once i sort out the problem of MPEG-4 AAC playback :-(

Friday, 12 June 2009

OpenSuse On Asus A4 Series Laptop

Well after only using Linux Mint for a few days i was having a few problems which i think were down to my Asus A4K uses of a ATI Mobility Radeon 9700 and as a noob i could never fix and my laptop was becoming crash city with startup problems which is a shame as Mint is a great OS and i hope one day to try again due to it's ease of use

So after sitting there thinking my trip to the world of Linux was over after only a few days i felt like someone off Coach Trip on C4 lol "you have two yellow cards and i'm sorry to say i have to give you a red, so bye bye"

OpenSuse On Asus A4 Series Laptop

Luck for me a friend over at OE had said about trying OpenSuse which is one of the distros i didn't really know anything about, so off i went looking but was in for a shock as the download the size was over 4GB :-( where others are about 700MB

Anyway i grabbed the 11.1 64x version which is just out and with my fingers crossed i installed which is just as easy as Mint asking the same questions along the way and only taking a little longer to install and after only about 2 days of use i'm sold on OpenSuse as i've installed all manor of software and spent a few hours trying to crash the thing only for the little green Geeko to smile back at me say is that all you can throw at me :-)

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Ready Made Userbar Sigs

Just found a great site for ready made Userbars like below

Userbar AMD 64

Userbar Linx Mint

Userbar OpenSuse

Ready Made Userbar Sigs Link

Linux Mint 7 Gloria On Asus A4 Series Laptop

Just installed Linux Mint 7 Gloria on my laptop which is a Asus A4 series AMD Athlon 64 with an ATI 9700 and 1GB of memory

And have to say i love it as it was the easiest OS install i've ever done "and i've done a few over the years"

What's so great about using most of the latest Linux distros is you never have to go looking for drivers for your hardware as 99% of the time there installed when you install the OS making the whole install quick and easy as when PC or laptop first boots your ready to go unlike windows where you spend a few hours hunting down drivers

Also you will be using some of the best free software going which in most cases beats paid for software hands down with the likes of Firefox, Brasero Disc Burner and Open Office all ready to go

Linux Mint 7 Gloria On Asus A4 Series Laptop

Only software i've installed using the Software manager is

Banshee Media Player which i use for playback and ripping audio to MP3 plus you can use to stream internet radio which is handy

Google Picasa which is a great free photo category software plus you can use to edit photos

VLC media player which will play every video type going without problem

aMSN which takes the place of Live which come with windows so you can chat to your buddys

Anyway i'm a happy Linux Mint user and my laptop isn't going back to windows :-)

Friday, 5 June 2009

Painted Lady Butterfly

The UK is being invaded by Painted Lady Butterfly’s Which have come over from Africa and for the last few days i’ve had a few flying round my garden in South London Can’t believe how many of these butterfly’s are about as had about eight flying around my front garden today looking for nectar So hope you enjoy the photos and fingers crossed i can get a few more before they are gone Lift off Photos taken with Fuji Finepix F40fd