Friday, 17 April 2009

Nurses Mistreated Mayday Hospital Patient

From the Croydon Advertiser by Matt Johnson

A police investigation has been launched over an allegation nurses at Mayday Hospital mistreated a 94-year-old patient.

Four nurses will not be working at the hospital while the accusation is investigated.

It is claimed the quartet left the female patient with bruising as they treated her when she was admitted following a fall.

The complaint arose on January 29 when the group were told by management that their upcoming shifts had been cancelled.

The allegation of mistreatment came from another patient.

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You can only hope story's like this ain't true but sadly the health care for the elderly in the UK is pretty bad with news of mistreatment happening each and every week which in most case is sweeped under the carpet and when nurses stand up and tell the truth there not praised but sacked which happened to nurse Margaret Haywood only last week

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Well these people should remember that one day there be old and i can only hope there treated like shit in there old age

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