Monday, 16 February 2009

Wordpress Site Hosting And Easy Install

Just moved my Wordpress Photo Blog over to new host due to the odd bit of downtime so it was time to buy some reliable Web Hosting.

Well after doing a bit of googling and reading lots of forum posts i decided on using Vidahost who come will recommended and seeing they have packages which start at £17 per year or £25 for two i signed up the other day and moved my Wordpress Photo Blog over to there servers which from the start my site is now loading a lot faster which when your running a Photo Blog it's something you need.

Vidahost who have been hosting websites for more than 5 years and provide excellent web hosting using the best technology including Dual Quad-Core servers, cPanel 11 & Fantastico, PHP 5, MySQL 5, Perl, spam/virus filtering with easy setup of Wordpress and other website and blogging software and much more.

So if your new to the world of Wordpress and not sure about setting one up you can use there Fantastico installer which will have your site up and running in mins

Vidahost Link

Eyerex Photo Blog Link

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