Tuesday, 10 February 2009

HP Compaq dc7100 HTPC

Your sitting at your desk working away in your office wondering what you could do with that HP Compaq dc7100 sitting in front of you other than a bit of Excel or Word only to here the magic words your getting a upgrade

Well don't let that HP Compaq dc7100 go to waste or just end up in a skip as it's a great PC to use as HTPC / Media Player

HP Compaq dc7100 HTPC

As you can see from pic below it's a compact design and came fitted with a P4 3.2 and 1 GB of memory with space for two hard drives, one at the back of DVD drive plus one which can be fitted below

It's comes with PCI Express plus two PCI card slots so if you want to pop in a TV card and Wifi card your ready to go

HP Compaq dc7100 HTPC / Media PC

The computer comes with on broad graphics but i wanted to fit something a little better so went for a HIS ATI Radeon HD 2400 PRO which is a half hight card but thats where i had a little problem in which i had to make my own back plates but if you have a vice and drill plus a file you can knock one up in minutes

HP Compaq dc7100 HTPC / Media PC

HP Compaq dc7100 HTPC / Media PC

HP Compaq dc7100 HTPC / Media PC

HP Compaq dc7100 HTPC / Media PC


Bit of an update but i'm going to fit a Sapphire 11191-02-20G HD 6570 2GB DDR3 Graphics Card in the next few days to give my HTPC a little boost


HP 5500 toner said...

Well it's known that if you want a fast computer, you're gonna need a fast operating system. If you want to get technical about which specific motherboard and everything else to use then I guess we can save that for another blog (haha) but what a computer essentially needs to run quick is a lot of RAM. With today's technology, we have stock computers running with 4 gb RAM for the speed of the computer. The hard drive and all simply resembles the amount the computer can store in its memory. But, I'm pretty sure that we all know the basics of the machine :)

cell-gfx said...

I've got one of these that I'm upgrading at the moment to an HTPC. With only 1Gb of RAM and a new EN9400GT low profile graphics card, I can run movies in 1080p on my Sony Bravia TV with no slow down whatsoever! I installed the XBMC Live CD to the HDD, so it's running a very slimmed down Ubuntu distro, using barely any resources.

One issue I do have is that the EN9400GT has HDMI out on it, but to enable sound to be passed over the HDMI connection, I need to connect the card to the SPDIF on the motherboard. The problem is - I don't know where the SPDIF connector is on the motherboard!

Can you help?


Eyerex said...

Hello i'm just having a look and trying to find a manual

cell-gfx said...

Found a load of manuals here : http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/TechSupport/DocumentIndex.jsp?lang=en&cc=us&contentType=SupportManual&docIndexId=64255&prodTypeId=12454&prodSeriesId=410112&lang=en&cc=us

No mention of SPDIF out on the motherboard though. Luckily, my Bravia has a 3.5mm audio in socket that teams with the HDMI socket, so I'll just resort to the onboard stereo sound until I can be bothered to pay $200 for the X-Fi 7.1 surround low profile sound card! I don't have a home theater speaker setup, so that shouldn't be an issue for a while!

Have to say though - for NZ$300 for the PC, NZ$145 for a 1Tb Western Digital Caviar Green and NZ$100 for the EN9400GT lp card makes NZ$545 (US$350) for a fully working HTPC a steal!

Eyerex said...

I just had the case off and theres a few extra connections under the power supply problem is there not marked up that will so not sure what they are or do big sorry

is it just running Linux where you have to connect card to the SPDIF on the motherboard as wondered if it runs ok under windows

Did try Mandriva and Mint on mine but gave up as could never get my TV card to work so gave up and went back to windows :(

will see if i can find any more info and layout of motherboard

James said...

I picked up one of these secondhand from work. My biggest hurdle to date is actually getting the desktop to appear on my TV (Sony Trinitron WEGA). I installed a secondhand graphics card, ATI X600, so the only option for connection is the HTPC's S-video port to the TV's RCA ports. I've got the right cables & they work because it works for my laptop. Can anyone point me in the right direction for step-by-step software setup instructions with troubleshooting? It would be greatly appreciated!

Also, is it possible to connect the VGA port to the RCA ports using the dc7100's native on-board graphics?