Friday, 13 February 2009

David Merrill Siftables What Load Of Crap

Not sure if people have seen the video of David Merrill showing what Siftables can do and how great they are showing kids make colours, music and showing these little cubes interact

But one of the great things about little children is seeing them make and use something out of say tin cans, bottles and turn them into a drum set or take out a paint box and make some wild and wacky colours and seeing in there eyes the magic before them which a stupid block called a Siftable could never do

So David Merrill if your going to invent something and have a loved up audience kiss your feet just remember something your square blocks can never do thats bring a little kids imagination alive and see a smile on a parents face


Anonymous said...

well done. even the short sighted and narrow minded have right to their opinion. any other insights?

Eyerex said...

As you said short sighted and narrow minded is that it anonymous!, One of the great things is seeing a child's imagination and flying to the stars in a cardboard box not sitting there with a box which gives so little and takes everything away..