Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Croydon Council Grit And Salt Fund

I've just been into Croydon Town Centre and can't believe that it's still covered in snow and ice, i knew the side roads were going to be bad trying to walk on the paths but when you come to the main high road and it's still covered you have to wonder what the hell the council have been doing which in my eyes is **** all

Saw one old couple have to turn round when they came out of the entrance of the Whitgift Centre by Mc Donald's and see the state of the pedestrian zone which i and every other shopper was having trouble walking on

Well after the shock of the high road it was off to Crown Hill and down to Surrey Street Market to get some veg and i'm still can't believe what i saw as if anyone who know the area it a bit of a step hill which has now been turned into the Cresta Run and people had to walk in the middle of the tram tracks to get down the hill and move to the side when a tram came by

So back to the title of this blog post if you have any spare Grit or Salt could you please take it round to your local council office as they don't seem to have any or can't get off there arse and use what they have

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