Thursday, 19 February 2009

Best Free Spam Filter For Outlook Express

Spam spam and more spam my POP3 email gets about 200 a day which can be a right pain in the arse so for the last few weeks i've been trying a few spam filters to help free up my Outlook Express Email so i can use it

So i've tried SPAMfighter, Spam Bully and so on which i've tested for there trial period and i'm glad i didn't buy as even when you update them with updated lists the spam keeps coming they just don't work so was about to give up when i remembered Gmail / Google Mail which you can add POP3 / SMTP email accounts to ie your Outlook Email which only takes a few mins to setup and just sends a verification email to the account to make sure you own it and your done

Well i sit here now with email accounts which i can use now and it's by by to every bit of spam which is sent to me each day so no more little blue pills

So setup a Gmail email address and just add your others in and it's back to a spam free world :-)


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