Sunday, 22 February 2009

Nero Live Software

Just tried the new Nero Live which is part of the latest Nero setup with my Hauppauge Nova-TD usb TV dongle which works ok but the software is just crap to use so don't bother and stick with software like DVBViewer which i use

Nero Live Software

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Best Free Spam Filter For Outlook Express

Spam spam and more spam my POP3 email gets about 200 a day which can be a right pain in the arse so for the last few weeks i've been trying a few spam filters to help free up my Outlook Express Email so i can use it

So i've tried SPAMfighter, Spam Bully and so on which i've tested for there trial period and i'm glad i didn't buy as even when you update them with updated lists the spam keeps coming they just don't work so was about to give up when i remembered Gmail / Google Mail which you can add POP3 / SMTP email accounts to ie your Outlook Email which only takes a few mins to setup and just sends a verification email to the account to make sure you own it and your done

Well i sit here now with email accounts which i can use now and it's by by to every bit of spam which is sent to me each day so no more little blue pills

So setup a Gmail email address and just add your others in and it's back to a spam free world :-)

Monday, 16 February 2009

Wordpress Site Hosting And Easy Install

Just moved my Wordpress Photo Blog over to new host due to the odd bit of downtime so it was time to buy some reliable Web Hosting.

Well after doing a bit of googling and reading lots of forum posts i decided on using Vidahost who come will recommended and seeing they have packages which start at £17 per year or £25 for two i signed up the other day and moved my Wordpress Photo Blog over to there servers which from the start my site is now loading a lot faster which when your running a Photo Blog it's something you need.

Vidahost who have been hosting websites for more than 5 years and provide excellent web hosting using the best technology including Dual Quad-Core servers, cPanel 11 & Fantastico, PHP 5, MySQL 5, Perl, spam/virus filtering with easy setup of Wordpress and other website and blogging software and much more.

So if your new to the world of Wordpress and not sure about setting one up you can use there Fantastico installer which will have your site up and running in mins

Vidahost Link

Eyerex Photo Blog Link

Friday, 13 February 2009

David Merrill Siftables What Load Of Crap

Not sure if people have seen the video of David Merrill showing what Siftables can do and how great they are showing kids make colours, music and showing these little cubes interact

But one of the great things about little children is seeing them make and use something out of say tin cans, bottles and turn them into a drum set or take out a paint box and make some wild and wacky colours and seeing in there eyes the magic before them which a stupid block called a Siftable could never do

So David Merrill if your going to invent something and have a loved up audience kiss your feet just remember something your square blocks can never do thats bring a little kids imagination alive and see a smile on a parents face

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

HP Compaq dc7100 HTPC

Your sitting at your desk working away in your office wondering what you could do with that HP Compaq dc7100 sitting in front of you other than a bit of Excel or Word only to here the magic words your getting a upgrade

Well don't let that HP Compaq dc7100 go to waste or just end up in a skip as it's a great PC to use as HTPC / Media Player

HP Compaq dc7100 HTPC

As you can see from pic below it's a compact design and came fitted with a P4 3.2 and 1 GB of memory with space for two hard drives, one at the back of DVD drive plus one which can be fitted below

It's comes with PCI Express plus two PCI card slots so if you want to pop in a TV card and Wifi card your ready to go

HP Compaq dc7100 HTPC / Media PC

The computer comes with on broad graphics but i wanted to fit something a little better so went for a HIS ATI Radeon HD 2400 PRO which is a half hight card but thats where i had a little problem in which i had to make my own back plates but if you have a vice and drill plus a file you can knock one up in minutes

HP Compaq dc7100 HTPC / Media PC

HP Compaq dc7100 HTPC / Media PC

HP Compaq dc7100 HTPC / Media PC

HP Compaq dc7100 HTPC / Media PC


Bit of an update but i'm going to fit a Sapphire 11191-02-20G HD 6570 2GB DDR3 Graphics Card in the next few days to give my HTPC a little boost

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Photoshop CS2 and ATI Driver Problem

Anyone using the latest ATI drivers 9.1 and have a problem with corrupted images when using Adobe Photoshop CS2

Croydon Council Grit And Salt Fund

I've just been into Croydon Town Centre and can't believe that it's still covered in snow and ice, i knew the side roads were going to be bad trying to walk on the paths but when you come to the main high road and it's still covered you have to wonder what the hell the council have been doing which in my eyes is **** all

Saw one old couple have to turn round when they came out of the entrance of the Whitgift Centre by Mc Donald's and see the state of the pedestrian zone which i and every other shopper was having trouble walking on

Well after the shock of the high road it was off to Crown Hill and down to Surrey Street Market to get some veg and i'm still can't believe what i saw as if anyone who know the area it a bit of a step hill which has now been turned into the Cresta Run and people had to walk in the middle of the tram tracks to get down the hill and move to the side when a tram came by

So back to the title of this blog post if you have any spare Grit or Salt could you please take it round to your local council office as they don't seem to have any or can't get off there arse and use what they have

Monday, 2 February 2009

Croydon Covered in Snow

Croydon got covered in a nice layer of snow last night which is the largest down fall in years which has stopped all public transport in the croydon and the rest of the london area so if your after a bus train or even the tram your out of luck so stay home and build a snowman :)

Croydon surrey snow

Croydon london traffic snow

Croydon covered in snow london