Tuesday, 6 January 2009

First Time Using Ubuntu

I took the jump and as i had a spare PC not doing anything i made the jump to Ubuntu which i've had running for about two days now

Spec of PC

CPU P4 3.2 HT
Motherboard Asus p4c800e deluxe
Memory 2GB OZ 3200
Graphics Card ATI APG 800X
Sound Card Creative ZS2

All going well so far without any problems just need to tweck a few things and have a play so more in a day or two of a Ubuntu noob :-)


gapsta said...

have fun with that mate, have a look in ubuntu forums if you have any issues ;)

Eyerex said...

Cheers but i have to come clean i wanted to try Windows 7 and it's the only spare pc i have so installing windows 7 right now to try

will go back to Ubuntu when i get my laptop back off my sis whos using it for a while