Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Project Gotham Racing 4 Good and Bad Drivers

Project Gotham Racing 4 Good and Bad Drivers

If your like me and are new to Project Gotham Racing 4 on the XBox 360 and playing online via Live you must have come across the problem of the do or die driving in which your trying to get the right line into the corner only to have a car use you to get round the corner sort of like an extra barrier :-/

You get the feeling that for some people getting achievements is the only thing they have going in there life and don't get the buzz from hitting a set of corners just right without losing speed sort of like in real world, yes it's great to win the race but who wants to feel like Michael Schumacher when he took out Damon Hill in Australian Grand Prix a few years ago

Well was playing last night and something strange happened i just picked a random race to play which only had a few other drivers and as the lights went red i was off just waiting to be shunted off the first corner..........but no went round round the corner without any problem "bit strange" when your playing PGR4 i was thinking

Came up too the second corner when one of the other drivers was a bit to hot and gave me a little nudge which pushed me off which slowed me down a little but was more of a racing incident than a full on push into the barrier which for me was ok and one of them things, but to my amazement the car slowed down on the next corner to let be by which was a bit of a shock as had i found some people online which wanted to race in the right way

Yes it was true and after a good few hours of great racing around London in which you slipped streamed the car in front and braking late into the corner to get past and win a race it was a fun night of driving in the right way

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