Monday, 22 December 2008

Nigella Lawson BBC Food Programme

I watched for the first time Nigella Lawson's cooking show on the BBC the other night and what a waste of 30 mins that was, all i can say is she spent the whole time just saying look at me look at me i'm so up my own backside

It made me laugh when she said she was cooking a Baked Alaska which is Meringue with Ice Cream inside and all she did was make a normal Meringue and dump a load of cream on top. I'm no chef but come on do it right

BBC please drop this crap from are TV and put Nigella Lawson back in the fridge and get Rick Stein out for a new series which is a great cooking show


Anonymous said...

i have watched nigella`s show several times and it is one of my fav.shows ever...she really cooks like a goddess and whoever that moron was must be jealous and have no sense of food that is why mentioned wasting time and it was just a meringue with ice-cream..bullshit!i think she is the only one chef that knows how to make an ordinary piece of edible thing into one lovely mouth watering plus seductive and extraordinary thing and as soon it touches your mouth you just wanna dance with joy.i have tried so many of her reciepes myself and not one or two but numberles people have asked me for the recipe and have quoted we have never tasted anything like that who posted these comments must not have pallette.....!

Eyerex said...

Hello that comment was made by me and i hope that i never turn over the TV by mistake and have to catch her crap show

Give me Rick Stein or the Hairy Bikers any day of the week as they cook real food not food for a Middle Class Dinner party