Tuesday, 23 December 2008

My YouTube account permanently disabled

What a bunch of ******* i know i had the odd video taken from the TV but most were of my gaming vids which have now been removed and my account is permanently disabled

Thing that pee's me off is most of the stuff on YouTube is what people have taken from the TV and they remove me for having about 3 or 4

But who cares in the end as Vimeo gives you better quality than Youtube and you don't have to put up with the other shit on there

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James said...

I will tell you what:

Armake21/Marcus got suspended for bullcrap reasons, like that EA footage of a video game (EA games is a corrupt video game company run by fat-walleted CEOs)

BigAL got his account suspended for a copyright claim to a video THAT WAS POSTED FOR OVER A YEAR!

PlayitBogart got suspended for showing footage of a grand theft auto video game.

Hellsing920 got suspended for a copyright claim by Fox under a tag.