Monday, 8 December 2008

Giving it large on PGR4

Giving it large on PGR4
Well sort of gave it large as came in second as was racing a RUF and also the faster black car in my red and blue DB9 online the other night and even after being run off the track on one corner i came back to take second place

Put some good white van man moves on the driver on the first lap

View from my DB9

Only had my XBox 360 Elite for about a week and got Project Gotham Racing 4 with the console so only put a few hours racing in so far online which is great fun even when other drivers are playing funfare dodgems lol

loving PGR4 so far from the single player game to the online fun only thing that lets the side down is the kudos crap and having to drive round cones every now and then which when you just want to race race race lets the side down

also how the hell do you get a fast time driving a 50's sports car round the Nurburgring in this game when it's snowing everyday :-)

PS Hope to put up some better videos on youtube soon if i ever win a race online

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