Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Firmware Update v1.10 for FinePix F40fd

Not sure how long the new firmware has been out for the Fuji FinePix F40 but it now up to version 1.10

It doesn't add much new other than compatibility for SDHC Memory Cards so if your having problems it maybe worth updating which only takes a few seconds to do

Firmware Update v1.10 for FinePix F40fd Link

My YouTube account permanently disabled

What a bunch of ******* i know i had the odd video taken from the TV but most were of my gaming vids which have now been removed and my account is permanently disabled

Thing that pee's me off is most of the stuff on YouTube is what people have taken from the TV and they remove me for having about 3 or 4

But who cares in the end as Vimeo gives you better quality than Youtube and you don't have to put up with the other shit on there

Monday, 22 December 2008


Well this year the FA Cup is on ITV and i think so far we have had one game to watch so as the tumbleweed go's across my TV please BBC will you buy it back so i can watch some Giant killing and see premiership footballers being made to look like a bunch of over paid tarts

Nigella Lawson BBC Food Programme

I watched for the first time Nigella Lawson's cooking show on the BBC the other night and what a waste of 30 mins that was, all i can say is she spent the whole time just saying look at me look at me i'm so up my own backside

It made me laugh when she said she was cooking a Baked Alaska which is Meringue with Ice Cream inside and all she did was make a normal Meringue and dump a load of cream on top. I'm no chef but come on do it right

BBC please drop this crap from are TV and put Nigella Lawson back in the fridge and get Rick Stein out for a new series which is a great cooking show

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Project Gotham Racing 4 Photos

Project Gotham Racing 4 Photos

Just a few photos from playing Project Gotham Racing 4

Was playing Bulldog the other night which is tag for cars where at the start one driver is "it" and you have to chase the other cars round an open city where when you crash into them there on your side too chase the other cars

So as i was racing around Macau heading towards the underpass another car came the other way and flew over the top of me which was a funny as hell as i tagged him as he went over the top of my car

Project Gotham Racing 4 Macau Underpass

Project Gotham Racing 4 Macau Underpass

Project Gotham Racing 4 Macau Underpass

If you want to download your photos to your PC which you have taken while playing PGR4 you have to upload to PGR On Demand which you do within the game and photo mode then log into PGR Nations Web Site and login with your Xbox 360 Live password and your photos will show up and just right click and save to PC

Few extra photos one of my fav car in Project Gotham Racing 4 Mercedes CLK-GTR SuperSport plus another of a Shelby GT500E and me on a bike

Project Gotham Racing 4 Mercedes CLK-GTR SuperSport

Project Gotham Racing 4 Shelby GT500E

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Project Gotham Racing 4 Good and Bad Drivers

Project Gotham Racing 4 Good and Bad Drivers

If your like me and are new to Project Gotham Racing 4 on the XBox 360 and playing online via Live you must have come across the problem of the do or die driving in which your trying to get the right line into the corner only to have a car use you to get round the corner sort of like an extra barrier :-/

You get the feeling that for some people getting achievements is the only thing they have going in there life and don't get the buzz from hitting a set of corners just right without losing speed sort of like in real world, yes it's great to win the race but who wants to feel like Michael Schumacher when he took out Damon Hill in Australian Grand Prix a few years ago

Well was playing last night and something strange happened i just picked a random race to play which only had a few other drivers and as the lights went red i was off just waiting to be shunted off the first corner..........but no went round round the corner without any problem "bit strange" when your playing PGR4 i was thinking

Came up too the second corner when one of the other drivers was a bit to hot and gave me a little nudge which pushed me off which slowed me down a little but was more of a racing incident than a full on push into the barrier which for me was ok and one of them things, but to my amazement the car slowed down on the next corner to let be by which was a bit of a shock as had i found some people online which wanted to race in the right way

Yes it was true and after a good few hours of great racing around London in which you slipped streamed the car in front and braking late into the corner to get past and win a race it was a fun night of driving in the right way

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Saw a White Squirrel

Saw a White Squirrel

Bit strange but i saw a white squirrel today while out, at first i was thinking it was a pole cat but after it made a dash past me it was definitely was a albino squirrel which shot up a tree with nuts in hand

Didn't get any photos as only had my phone with me and it was too fast as it went up the tree

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

GamesMaster Every Episode

GamesMaster Every Episode

If you lived in the UK and your of an age 6pm on a thursday night was GamesMaster night with Dominik Diamond which i think was on C4

Little update as it's 2014 as the old link didn't work any more i found you can watch all episodes on YouTube

GamesMaster Every Episode YouTube Link

Best Fifa 09 For The Xbox 360 Deal £24.99

Best Fifa 09 For The Xbox 360 Deal
Was looking around for a good deal / price on Fifa 09 for the XBox 360 as most shops and online stores want around £40 for the game from the likes of Game and Amazon so just my luck that i had a look over at Play.Com who are doing it for £24.99 with free shipping

Was going to buy Pro Evo which has been my football game of choice for many years going back to the N64 but most people and reviews are saying Fifa 09 is the football game to buy this year so save some a few pounds and buy from Play.Com this year and make it a cheap Christmas

Link to Fifa 09 at Play.Com

Monday, 8 December 2008

Giving it large on PGR4

Giving it large on PGR4
Well sort of gave it large as came in second as was racing a RUF and also the faster black car in my red and blue DB9 online the other night and even after being run off the track on one corner i came back to take second place

Put some good white van man moves on the driver on the first lap

View from my DB9

Only had my XBox 360 Elite for about a week and got Project Gotham Racing 4 with the console so only put a few hours racing in so far online which is great fun even when other drivers are playing funfare dodgems lol

loving PGR4 so far from the single player game to the online fun only thing that lets the side down is the kudos crap and having to drive round cones every now and then which when you just want to race race race lets the side down

also how the hell do you get a fast time driving a 50's sports car round the Nurburgring in this game when it's snowing everyday :-)

PS Hope to put up some better videos on youtube soon if i ever win a race online