Monday, 17 November 2008

Photo Stitching With Microsoft ICE

Just tried Microsoft ICE to make a panoramic picture of a few photos i had from this years Touring Car Championship at Brands Hatch, i had tried photoshop to do the job but it never gave me the results i was happy with so after having a read of a few forums Microsoft ICE came up which is recommended by many as it's does the job without fuss and is a free download from Microsoft

So find below my first attempt at a photo Stitching which is a panoramic picture / photo of Brands Hatch race track which a larger version is available 9990x2304 (Click for large image or email me for cost of full size image)

Photo Stitching With Microsoft ICE

Free download Link

Link to a few panoramic photos over at OE


Bentes said...

This turned out pretty good! :)
How was the race? Never been to any... :( Could you get closer to the track? Maybe it would have been interesting some close-ups of the action. Like a car passing by or a shot of the start with smoking tires. :) (that is if they do get smokey) hehehehe :D Congrats!

Eyerex said...

First time for me was a great day which started about 9 and ended about 6 with many makes and models racing during the day, you can stand right by the fencing plus if you have a good zoom len you can get some good photos in some parts of the track of the cars racing

photo stitching services said...

Great stuff!