Sunday, 23 November 2008

Best Xbox 360 Elite Deal £189

Best Xbox 360 Elite Deal / Price UK
Been thinking of getting a Xbox 360 for a while now so this weekend i took the jump and got one :-)

It took a while to find the best deal / price as wanted the Xbox 360 Elite which has the Hdmi plus comes with the 120 Gb hard drive so spent the day searching the web to find the best price which at first looked like it was going to be who were doing it for £219.99 with free postage and packaging and was going to press the buy now button when i decided too have a look over at Amazon.......

Well Amazon are doing it for the same price plus two free games Project Gotham Racing 4 which i wanted and Sega Superstar Tennis which i will trade in for something else worth about £30 for the two and free postage so it works our that you can get the Elite for about £189 which is a good deal and about the best price i could find

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