Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Film Cameras The New Vinyl

I love the world of digital cameras which are so easy to use and so convenient as you don't have to pop down to your local boots to have your film developed you just get home from your day out find that USB lead and there on your computer are your snaps for the day

but i miss 35mm film cameras which have that tactile feel of loading film and feel like something which has been engineered for the job over the years and unlike digital i loved taking my roll of film to my local boots to be developed and going back the next day to see my photos, you couldn't beat the smell of fixer in the air as you opened the envelope to see your photos and that little smile you had as you walked out the shop knowing you had some good shots

but i may as will get the spade out and dig my own hole as i do love my little fuji and knowing i can go out and take a few hundred photos just to get that one photo which make the day out worth it and just delete the rest knowing i haven't wasted a roll of film and the cost of having a roll of film developed is something which is a dream come true for my pocket money wise

So to me it's like CD's and digital music some like others don't and can't let go the vinyl records and the engineered masterpieces which are some of the old and new turntables which have that tactile feel of something that's been "engineered" not just "manufactured" like the little silver box which is my fuji i use for my photos so to get my 35 mm buzz i have a new/old camera to put the smile back on my face and get my fix of fixer a Olympus Trip 35 35mm film camera :-)

Olympus Trip 35 Eyerex


Steve ten Have said...

Very true - being a DJ I still have a very strong affinity to vinyl but for me it's the tactile interaction with the records as much as the display of skill that mixing records still affords me.

I'm not sure I could ever go back to a film camera, mainly because I was always too sod lazy to go and get my film processed :D Loving the classic Olympus - great looking cameras those.

Eyerex said...

have a mate who's a DJ in London and you can't beat seeing someone work there magic with a couple of turntables, but you see more DJ's turn up with a laptop or them CD decks these days which just ain't the same

Anyway thanks for the comment just need to have a day out to get some photos with the Olympus Trip 35 and have some 35mm fun :)

Eyerex said...

Could anyone out there tell me is it true that the Olympus Trip 35 works best with ISO 400 films or should i just stick with ISO 200