Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Charley Boorman Race to Dakar

Just got Charley Boorman Race to Dakar DVD the other day thanks to amazon which is the story of the latest adventure by Charley Boorman but this time without Ewan McGregor who he did the long way round and long way down films with a few years ago

This time he takes on the hardest race in the world The Dakar which covers 16 days of sand dunes and more sand dunes with rocky landscape in between with a new team consisting of Simon Pavey and Matt Hall

have to admit i wasn't sure i was going to buy this DVD but was shopping on amazon and needed something to get my order over the right amount for free delivery so got a DVD

Right from the start you know what your going to get as it the same crew from his other adventures plus a few new faces as for a 16 day trek a backup crew is needed for the bikes to keep them going each day

So from the very first episode i was griped as it's one of them DVDs where you sit there saying "i'll just watch one more episode" and you could sit there with a few beers and make a night of it

So even if your not into bikes but love other peoples adventures it's will worth buying as Charley Boorman brings the emotion of every day across it such a way that you feel your there with sand in your eyes and the hardship of sitting on a bike 12 hours a day in the hardiest bike race in the world

Riders and backup crew
Charley Boorman
Simon Pavey
Matt Hall
Gareth Edmunds
Wolfgang Banholzer
Jim Foster
Russ Malkin
Claudio von Planta
BMW F650 GS Dakar

Link to Race to Dakar Home Page

Link To Charley Boorman latest Adventure By Any Means Home Page

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