Friday, 29 August 2008

My HTPC Build

Well i had a few spare PC bit's laying around so a few months ago i put together a HTPC (Home theater PC) which would be my main PC for internet TV, Digital Personal Video Recorder,DVD Player and a bit of gaming plus act as a server to other PC's in the house to stream music and video

The first place most people start is the case which is just like me as wanted something which would look good under my Samsung LCD TV so went for the Antec NSK 2480 Desktop Case - 380W Earth Watts PSU as have had other Antec cases over the years from the P160 and Sonata and there alway great quality plus the NSK 2480 comes with a PSU which save a bit of time and money getting one plus it's a green PSU so good for the environment in a little way

Antec NSK 2480 Desktop Case - 380W Earth Watts PSU

Antec NSK 2480 Desktop Case - 380W Earth Watts PSU

PC Setup

PC Spec
Case: Antec NSK 2480 Desktop Case - 380W Earth Watts PSU
P4 3.2 Prescott
Heatsink: Scythe Shuriken
Motherboard: Asrock P4VM900-SATA2
Memory: 2GB Crucial 3200
Hard Drive: Hitachi Deskstar T7K500 320GB SATA-II 16MB
Graphics Card: Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 3650 512MB GDDR3
USB TV Dongle: Hauppauge Win TV Nova-TD Running DVBViewer
DVD Writer: Asus Quie Track 1814BL
WiFi Network card: Belkin F5D7000UK 54Mbps

The reason i went for a P4 3.2 Prescott was because i had one setting around not doing anything so may as well use it and save a little money plus had the 2GB Crucial 3200 setting in a box from an old build also had to go for the Asrock P4VM900-SATA2 motherboard because there the only company still making new Socket 478 motherboards plus it supports pci-express

As for the rest the Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 3650 may be a bit of over kill for the setup but i do a little bit of gaming now and then :)and only ever buy Hitachi hard drives as i'm a Hitachi fanboy, the Asus Quie Track 1814BL does book setting out of the book as for the last two bit's of hardware i did have a nebula TV card which i was going to use but it has problems with VIA chipsets which can cause picture breakup when the hard drive is being used hard so went for the Hauppauge Win TV Nova-TD Dongle so last but not least Belkin F5D7000UK 54Mbps wifi card i've fitted a few of these into friends PC's over the years and for just over a £10 it's a bargain

Well the motherboard turned up a day before the case so as didn't have anything to do so i did the install in the lab just to make sue everything was working lol

Asrock P4VM900-SATA2

So when i finally got everything together the case has plenty of room to work with plus air flow with them two big fans running to keep everything cool only thing i changed from pic below is it's showing a Thermalright XP-120 heatsink and Amber fan which was changed to a Scythe Shuriken as the top of the amber didn't leave much room for airflow

Asrock P4VM900-SATA2 Thermalright XP-120

So after a few hours i had a sweet looking HTPC which has been running now for a few weeks 24 a day without any problems well only one little one discussed in Capacitor Noise Asrock P4VM900-SATA2 which was fixed in a few tweaks of the bios

So for TV software (PVR Personal Video Recorder) i run DVBViewer which will handle all the TV playback plus other file formats from xvid, divx and mp4 plus others will also handle pictures and music

For radio i use RarmaRadio if there not on freeview to grab the internet streams for playback like LBC, Vibes 93.8 FM (Daddy Noddys reggae Jam) and others from around the world

Antec NSK 2480 Desktop Case - 380W Earth Watts PSU

More info on Dvbviewer and Hauppauge WinTV Nova-TD USB TV Dongle

More Info on RaimaRadio

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