Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Dvbviewer Hauppauge WinTV Nova-TD USB TV

I just got my hands on a Hauppauge Nova-TD usb TV dongle aka Digital Terrestrial TV Stick :) after having more problems with my nebula TV pci card "dam you via and your chipset"

Dvbviewer Hauppauge WinTV Nova-TD USB TV Dongle

Dvbviewer Hauppauge WinTV Nova-TD USB TV Dongle

Well it was back to WinTv which sucks eggs big time after using nebula's Digitv for a few year which has to be one of the finest bits of hardware and software ever made !!! "shame you went bust or something last year" but it looks like there not in business these days

So have spent the day trying different software which started with nebula's own Digitv as it was installed on the pc and from the nebula site can run other manufacturers cards, but sadly for me it just locked up when trying to run my Nova-TD

So next step was google which when looking for pvr software comes up with GBpvr and media-portal which are well recommend so i had to give then a go

Crash crash and one little crash for good measure i just couldn't get theses two bit's of software to run which just may be down to me more than the software but after 3 or 4 hours i gave up and went looking else where

page 5 or was it page 6 of google in a forum post a bit of software called dvbviewer came up so went to after installing which only took less than a min i picked my usb device and did a scan and was up and running in only a few min's and can say what a waste of a day i had as trying to use other software as i so wished dvbviewer had come up first as it's a great bit of software and for a £10 it's the bargain of 2008

Video of Hauppauge Nova-TD usb tv dongle running dvbviewer

Eyerex's software pick of 2008 dvbviewer

dvbviewer home page

Tip if you do try dvb viewer the only two bits of software you need to install from the wintv cd or download is the Diversity Tool which gives you the option to change tv mode to dual tuner mode which is in the MISC folder and the remote software IR32 folder


Anonymous said...

Great advice there! Thanks a lot.

- Andy

Eyerex said...

No worries and thanks for the comment