Sunday, 20 July 2008

Read You Like A Book

It's hard to describe this movie as it felt more like a play than a movie as the whole time it never moves from the book shop in which it's set (Black Oak Books).

So here go's like the books which have taken up home on the shelves of the shop, Read You Like A Book tells the story of the people who work and come to spend there day running there eyes over the words held within the covers which never change from one day to another only for one day when a man steps into the shop (Danny Glover) who within his hand has a book for sale.

So as the owner (Tony Amendola) asks the price the man wants for the book he is gone only saying within the cover are more than words........

This is where the day will change forever for each and everyone who only has too touch the cover.

Would i recommend this movie....yes in a way if you like something which is more like a play where you feel that you too have browsed the shelves of Black Oak Books on a late summers day

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