Saturday, 26 July 2008

Raima Radio Pro Record Internet Radio Stations

If your after software to record internet radio streams which also comes with the bonus of being able to set timers to record shows when your out or just fast a sleep your first and only stop should be Raima Radio Pro as after trying Online Radio Tuner and Screamer Radio which do also come with the ability to set timers (Screamer radio via menu timer add-on) i found that for some reason you can never rely on them to record when you want and after many times coming home only to find them both not having recorded the show i wanted i went looking else where

So one day after spending a few hours on google up came Raima Radio Pro which was a new one to me so "in for a penny in for a pound" i gave it a try as it comes with a 30 day trial

Have to say that when i first used it did look a bit more complicated than the other two but after a few mins i had my favorite radio shows setup LBC, Talk Sport and Vibes FM plus it comes with hundreds of different internet radio shows from around the world already setup and i'm sure you will find a few surprise's from around the world from talk to music which is something i love about radio as theres something for everyone, also included is the option to watch TV from around the world but not had a play with that yet

I must admit that i did have a little problem at first where some of the shows which ran for about 3 hours were being cut off short or showing the wrong time for the recording for some reason but after a post on Raima Radio Pro Forum the person who wrote the software replied to try and fix the problem and after emailing them with a bit more info they said if would be fixed in the next update in a few i sat and waited and true to there word an update came out the other day which is 2.15 and has fixed my little problem which was down to the format which some stations broadcast in

So if you want to listen and record internet radio and have software which you can rely on plus if you do have any problems you can email the person direct and have it fixed in a day or two i would recommend Raima Radio Pro which at the cost of about £18 is a bargain as whats the point of using free software which you can't rely on

Raima Radio Pro Web Site which comes with a 30 day demo

Also RarmaRadio has been updated to version 2.18 so use link above to download

Added: Option to configure colors for Information and Now Playing panels
Added: Option to specify height of Track List
Added: Station logo now resizable
Added: Option to stop cover art download
Added: Language support for Swedish
Changed: 'Recording Only' in scheduling will now activate the sound if selected
Fixed: Internal TV viewer stopped working after name change

Will try and do a guide in the next few days on how to add and record shows in a day or two

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